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Ştiinţă şi emoţie în lupta împotriva cancerului Conținutul Pagina pacientului Best Supportive Care BSC is the treatment of choice when cure is not achievable with anticancer agents and cancer ovarian immunotherapy management of disease-related symptoms.

Advanced cancer is generally characterized by loss of moving possibilities, increasing resting time, and gradual cancer ovarian immunotherapy of interactional capacity. The end of life is defined by: evolution of the malignant disease, depletion of conventional anticancer alternatives and signs of approaching death.

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The aim of the whole treatment applied is to enhance quality of life by the relief of symptoms, once they occur. Methods: We report the case of a 48 year old female patient, diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer, who received three chemotherapy lines.

Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy with Dr. Kunle Odunsi

She was hospitalized with severe pain lumbar and right thighdyspnea, and anorexia with important nausea. Conclusion: Best supportive care for cancer patients cancer ovarian immunotherapy a mainstay of palliative care. Pagina pacientului The goal of palliative care ovarian cancer quality of life to achieve the best quality of life for patients and their families.

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