Giardia muris

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Giardia lamblia جيارديا لامبليا

Consultați pagina sa descriptivă acolo. DescriereGiardia muris trophozoite SEM The ventral adhesive disk resembles a suction cup, where overlapping microtubules in the cytoplasm form a numbershaped figure.

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The adhesive disk facilitates adherence of the protozoan to the intestinal surface. The protozoan Giardia causes the diarrheal disease called giardiasis.

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Giardia species exist as free-swimming by means of flagella trophozoites, and as egg-shaped cysts. It is the cystic stage, which facilitates the survival of these organisms under harsh environmental conditions.

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The cyst is considered the infective form, and disease is often transmitted by drinking contaminated water. As depicted in these SEMs, in the intestine, cysts giardia muris stimulated to liberate trophozoites. Cysts can be shed in fecal material, and can, thereafter, remain viable for several months in giardia muris environmental conditions.

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Cysts can also be transferred directly from person-to-person, as a result giardia muris poor hygiene. Note: Not all PHIL images are public domain; be sure to check copyright status and credit authors and content providers.

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