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It's all about placing one foot in front of the other for the Rev. Dimintrie Vincent. Just two months ago, he was involved in an accident during a hockey game.

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I couldn't feel anything but the bottom jackson memorial hospital detox unit my feet. On Friday, October 20,Rev. Father Mihai Cociu peacefully fell asleep in the Lord at age 63 after a year-long battle with cancer, with family by his side at University Hospital In the course of these procedures, then-Bishop Irineu was officially put on leave of absence which restricted the performance of his clerical and administrative duties pending the investigation of these allegations by a letter dated August 25,forwarded to me by Metropolitan Tikhon, Primate of the Orthodox Church in America, and by a letter from the Office for Review of Sexual Misconduct Allegations ORSMA of the Orthodox Church in America, dated August 25,which was addressed to then-Bishop Irineu.

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On September 1,a Response Team was appointed to investigate these matters Pe durata acestor proceduri, în așteptarea cercetării acestor acuzații, Episcopul Irineu a fost suspendat, fiind privat de funcțiile sale clericale și administrative, prin scrisoarea din 25 augusttrimisă mie de către Mitropolitul Tikhon, Primatul Bisericii Ortodoxe din America, precum și prin scrisoarea primită de la Biroul pentru Verificarea Acuzațiilor de Abuz Sexual ORSMA al Bisericii Ortodoxe din America, datată 25 augustadresată fostului episcop Irineu.

La 1 septembriea fost numită o Comisie de Investigare pentru a cerceta respectivele acuzații