Renal failure biochemical markers. Parathyroid Hormone-Related Bone Loss in End-Stage Renal Disease: Where to Measure?

Because of this association with systemic inflammatory response, chronic periodontitis was recently included as a risk factor for chronic renale disease. Specifically, in this study we hypothesized that a part of chronic inflammatory response observed in patients with chronic renale disease is due to physiopathological reactions caused by the presence of chronic periodontitis, which, during the course of its evolution, induces an increase in the expression of inflammatory markers. Patients were divided into two groups: the first group consisted of patients with chronic renale disease and periodontal disease who were undergoing periodontal treatment test group and the second group, control group, composed of patients without any systemic disease, but who experienced moderate to severe chronic periodontitis, also periodontal treated.

Source: Romanian Medical Journal. The objective of this study is to assess the impact of the thrombolytic therapy in patients with intermediary-high risk PE. The analysis was focused on the impact on echocardiographic and biochemical markers of right ventricle RV pressure overload and also on mortality and haemodynamic instability.

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Materials and methods. In the present, study renal failure biochemical markers selected patients with intermediary-high risk pulmonary embolism, selected either for thrombolytic therapy alteplase - t-PA - plus unfractionated heparin or for therapy only with unfractionated heparin UFH. The rest of the patients were included in the control group.

Kidney Function Tests

The echocardiographic markers of right ventricle were determined on admission and on 3 days, Nt pro BNP value was assessed on admission and on 7 days as a marker of right ventricular RV pressure overload. As a statistical tool for comparing the evolution of the markers in the 2 groups the t-test assuming equal variances was used.

The right ventricle dysfunction markers were statistically significant improved in the study group treated with thrombolytic therapy and unfractionated heparine compared to patients from the group treated with unfractionated heparine alone.

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The thrombolytic effect on mortality was statistically insignificant but the effect on haemodynamic stability reached the statistical significance. The major bleeding rate was higher in the thrombolysed group, not being significant compared to the control group, receiving unfractionated heparine alone.

The effect of the thrombolytic therapy on biochemical and imagistic markers of RV dysfunction demonstrates the benefit of the therapy compared to classic therapy.

The impact on mortality was not statistical significant but the effect on haemodynamic instability is correlated with the renal failure biochemical markers on biochemical and imagistic markers of RV dysfunction.

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